05.13.22 – Maverick Stump rolled off of his hospital unit and into a sea of bubbles and loving care team members as he said goodbye to Riley Hospital for Children after being a patient for 161 days. Maverick, 4, and his parents, left to stay at the Ronald McDonald House temporarily, then headed home to Kentucky. Maverick will be receiving palliative care at home where he can be with his family while still being cared for medically. As he left his unit team members, who affectionately referred to Maverick as the “PICU mascot,” lined the halls to cheer, blow bubbles, give fist pumps (“knucks”) and just spend a little more time with Maverick. One team member was even able to dress up in a full-body sloth costume in honor of Maverick’s favorite animal. It was emotional for his Riley family to see him leave after getting to know him over more than five months, but they were grateful and happy to see Maverick be able to go home to be surrounded by his entire family.
02.09.22 – Geovani Galvez lacked purpose and hope that July day when he shot himself. Seven months later he is donating bone marrow to help his little boy beat leukemia.
03.23.22 – Jah’Marion Roehr, 3, lets his artistic side shine through as he draws on the door of his Riley Children’s Health hospital room with the help of his dad, Ethan Boyle. Jah’Marion loves to paint and draw, and enjoyed using vibrant colors to liven up his door. He’s doing well as he is now able to breathe on his own, and his heart is working on its own. Jah’Marion had open-heart surgery to correct some conditions affecting his heart on March 10th. Since then he has been recovering while continuing to draw and paint and think about his favorite superhero, Spider-Man.
09.01.22 – The dunk tank proved to be one of the best highlights of the Riley One Team Spirit Days festival. Tom Harlow, administrative director of the CV service line, was one of the first members of the Riley Hospital for Children leadership team to take the plunge. He was followed by Riley CFO Frank Runion and Riley President Gil Peri and others. Team members were able to pitch at the dunk tank to celebrate the last splash of summer and to celebrate the upcoming fall season. Games, cotton candy, popcorn and food trucks were also available to team members.
06.27.22 – Disney World family vacation.
09.10.22 – Thanks to the Riley Children’s Health Rehab Team current and former patients of Riley Rehabilitation Services were able to enjoy the Riley Sports Legend Experience at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. The patients, and their families, enjoyed all of the sports activities available at the outdoor RSLE facility. Smiles were abundant as children enjoyed basketball, football, soccer, baseball, tennis and more with the help of their Riley therapists. Special thanks to all of the RCH therapists (audiology, occupational therapy, recreational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy) and The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis for making this event possible.
04.28.22 – Superhero window washers repelled down Riley Hospital for Children to make a special visit to Riley patients.
09.24.22 – Chet and Steph’s wedding in Bloomington, IN. (Photo by James Brosher)
6.11.22 – Indy Pride Parade
01.20.22 – Members of the Riley Children’s Health Cardiac Catheterization Lab team came together to relieve stress and boost morale during a dance party. Because of the rise of the Omicron COVID-19 variant and lack of available beds for cardiac cath outpatients, cardiac cath procedures had to be rescheduled where it was deemed safe to do so. Consequently, the team’s nurses have been redeployed to assist other teams. The nearly two-year battle with COVID-19 has been stressful and exhausting, and has created a need for outlets to reduce stress levels.
10.27.22 – His mother’s voice is just the right trick to get the treat of a big smile out of D’Aire Daniel, five months old. Jasmine Lawrence said her son was smiling most of the morning, but he was a little shy around the camera at first. Then after a little cajoling and the comforting voice of his mother D’Aire lit up a big smile and continued to be happy with his mother by his side. D’Aire has been a Riley Hospital for Children patient since birth. He has Pulmonary Atresia, and hypertension to the right chamber of his heart. He also has a floppy airway which necessitates the use of a tracheotomy, but his family has a good spirit about things and has a ‘Trach or Treat’ sign outside his door. He’s been doing well, and the hope is that he will be able to go home and be treated to his first Halloween.
12.15.22 – Methodist Hospital implemented a yoga class for team members after their 7am – 7pm shifts. The free classes start at 7:30pm and help staff reduce stress and learn poses and exercises to help them physically and mentally relax and unwind.
11.15.22 – Madison, IN fall get-away.