11.15.19 – Setting sun across the street from Riley Hospital for Children.
08.21.19 – Lauren McGlaughlin, 17, started her first week of classes at Ball State University. WTHR (Channel 13) News Reporter Kevin Rader spoke to Lauren about becoming a college freshman. Lauren was diagnosed with a type of cancer called synovial sarcoma. She had been receiving chemotherapy treatments at the Riley Hospital for Children’s Outpatient Center for 2.5 years. In April of 2018 doctors told Lauren she had months to live. Lauren chose to major in pre-med., and wanted to become an oncologist. Lauren passed in Feb. 2020. She made a lasting impression on me for being such a genuine, friendly, positive person. I’m eternally grateful that I met her.
01.25.19 – Jeremiah Cox receives a hug from his mother during his physical therapy and occupational therapy session at Riley Hospital for Children.
01.21.19 – I was on my way to an MLK Day assignment when something caught my eye. It was a father and son talking between the outstretched arms of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy at the Landmark for Peace Memorial in Indianapolis.
I shot a few frames from about 30 yards away and then caught up to the father to ask him if I could publish his photo. He said that was fine, then added that he was spending the day with his son teaching him about good people.
It is so comforting to know that the lessons and teachings of these great leaders still resonate 50 years after their deaths. Equally comforting is the knowledge that the values they stood for continue to be passed from one generation to the next.
04.02.19 – Occupational therapist Whitney Kozlowski works with Isabella Whitaker, 4, at Riley Hospital for Children.
07.19 – Family vacation to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina.
09.16.19 – Portrait of Chaleece Leckron for a story documenting the young woman’s battle with cancer.
10.02.19 – Maxen Seward, eight months old, makes music with his family and Music Therapist Lauren Servos at Riley Hospital for Children.
05.15.19 – Physical Therapist Sarah Johnson works with Kevin Herrera Ambrosio, 3, at Riley Hospital for Children.
10.07.19 – Madison, IN fall get-away vacation.