03.26.20 – Riley Hospital for Children team members paint a window mural which reads, “We are all in this together” in the early days of the fight against COVID-19.
12.18.20 – The first day of COVID-19 vaccine shots for frontline workers at Riley Hospital for Children.
03.03.20 – Gus the therapy dog visits Miles Brown at Riley Hospital for Children.
10.07.20 – Early voting for the presidential election with Maureen Gilmer.
08.05.20 – Occupational Therapist Tiffany Stead helps Jeremiah Cox learn how to use his new wheelchair. Stead was holding a toy dinosaur which she would place down the hall to encourage Jeremiah to roll his chair towards the toy.
04.23.20 – A procession of police cars and fire engines drive past IU Health Methodist Hospital to honor the frontline workers in their fight against COVID-19.
10.22.20 – Fallen leaves outside of Riley Hospital for Children.
08.28.20 – Roslyn Walsh, 4, pretends to fly to different continents while she was at Riley Hospital for Children to receive radiation treatments.
04.13.20 – RN Wendy Rosenberger dons isolation gear and personal protective equipment to care for patients at IU Health Methodist Hospital on the Advanced Heart Care floor. Rosenberger moved to the AHC floor as part of the voluntary redeployment program. The program realigns team members to departments that need assistance preparing for, and caring for COVID-19 patients.
12.31.20 – Closing out 2020 at Newfields with Janay.